Our Values


Beliefs Built With Exceptional Skill

Success on every corner, side and cul-de-sac.

Whether it’s behind a wall, on top of a roof or in our call center, you’ll discover a broad range of opportunities toward building a rewarding career. The work is challenging but the payoff is worth as much as you put into it. From professional advancement to driving your own paycheck, you’ll be surprised at the number of ways success can be found here.

At MasTec Advanced Technologies, our values and our culture are straightforward. We believe in working quickly, safely and with precision, while providing unmatched customer service. We know that hard work equals sizable outcomes and presents new opportunity. It’s the same philosophy we instill in our professionals, which is why you’ll find plenty of potential here. It’s just up to you how successful you want to be.

Our beliefs are directly influenced and inspired by the long, diverse history of MasTec, Inc. Since 1929, MasTec has affected the lives of their customers and their employees, as well as transformed the lives of millions of people. From restoring power in an area damaged by natural disaster to bringing communications to a rural community, MasTec has become the model for industry excellence.

In our business, every connection matters. The connections we make at customers’ homes to the connections we make when passing a co-worker in the hallway - they define who we are as individuals and collectively as a team. That’s why at MasTec Advanced Technologies, we define our vision as more than a “connection.” When we strive to achieve this higher standard in all that we do, we will build an exceptional business that will continue to set the industry standard. 


At MasTec, we believe our greatest asset is our people, and we're continually looking to recruit others who reflect the professionalism, expertise, innovation, and commitment to the quality that defines our culture.


Our zero-accident philosophy and industry leading safety record enables us to consistently deliver the highest quality work.

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